November is a Big Month at The Doc Spa

Next week we will launch our online store where you can buy all of our products and most of our services online!

All appointments – cosmetic AND medical – can now be scheduled online. All cosmetic consults are free and available to be scheduled in a televisit with Dr. Rowe. At that time, Dr. Rowe can assess the need of your cosmetic request, make specific recommendations to determine how much product, and which product or service you could benefit from, and then quote a price. You can then schedule the appointment online in most cases. You will also purchase the product or service you will be using online. Now when you come into our office, you will know in advance what is your best option, and you will already have purchased the product. 

We were partially driven by a way to simplify your in-office time due to Covid restrictions, and our desire to provide the best quality services for our patients.

Medical appointments and televisits can also be scheduled with all of our practitioners using our online scheduling. We think this is going to save all of us time and money and make things convenient and even safer for you.