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If you’re part of the 85% of men or 40% of women who are experiencing significant hair loss, you may benefit from innovative platelet rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration treatments. With the locations in Edgewood, New Mexico, The Doc Spa specializes in integrative health practices to restore your overall well-being, including stimulating hair growth with PRP injections. Call to schedule a consultation today to learn more about this hair restoration treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration Q & A

What is PRP hair restoration?

PRP hair restoration harnesses your own growth factors to trigger hair growth from dormant hair follicles. The physicians at The Doc Spa create a PRP serum from a sample of your own blood and inject it into your scalp to flood the area with growth factors and the oxygen and nutrients needed to support improved hair growth.

How does PRP support hair regrowth?

PRP contains high levels of the growth factors that stimulate cell regeneration. When the PRP serum is injected, it increases your blood flow and supports the development of new blood vessels. It also rejuvenates your hair follicles and surrounding tissue. By flooding your hair follicles and the surrounding skin with growth factors, oxygen, and nutrients, the hair follicles are stimulated into producing new hair.

What causes hair loss?

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss. Your family history is a major indicator of whether you experience hair loss. If one of your parents lost their hair, your chances of losing your hair increase.

Other factors that contribute to hair loss include hormonal imbalances, certain conditions like thyroid disease or lupus, and certain medications. The physicians at The Doc Spa offer comprehensive consultations to identify the cause of your hair loss, which determines the best treatment to restore your hair. For example, if a hormonal imbalance is at the root of your hair loss, you may benefit from a combination of PRP hair restoration and hormone therapy.

What happens during PRP hair restoration?

Your doctor draws a small sample of your blood, which they separate in a centrifuge to create the PRP serum. The PRP serum is rich in the growth factors that support healthy cell development. Your physician numbs your scalp with a topical analgesic and injects the PRP serum.

The injections not only flood your hair follicles with human growth factors but also trigger your body’s natural healing response, which floods your scalp with oxygen and nutrients. It usually takes around three months to notice increased hair growth.

Is PRP hair restoration therapy right for me?

The physicians at The Doc Spa offer comprehensive consultations to determine if PRP hair restoration is the right treatment for you. For example, if you have been experiencing hair loss for many years, your follicles may not respond to treatment. The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment with the hair loss experts at The Doc Spa. Call to book a consultation today.

*Individual results may vary