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Crow’s feet and worry lines can make you look older than you feel and cast a permanent appearance of stress on your face. At The Doc Spa in Edgewood, New Mexico, doctor Julian Rowe, MD, offers Botox® cosmetic injections to reduce wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. If you want to look as vibrant and happy as you feel, call The Doc Spa to book an appointment today


What causes frown lines and crow’s feet?

Like many other facial wrinkles, the vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows develop due to repeated muscle contractions. You may use these muscles without even realizing it whenever you furrow your brow, focus on something, or worry. This doesn’t mean you frown too much; it happens to everybody!

Similar muscle contractions lead to crow’s feet, or wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes. Crow’s feet form when you smile or squint your eyes.

Over time, these muscle contractions leave their imprint on your face as wrinkles and lines. Luckily, Botox injections are a well-established treatment that can improve these lines and wrinkles.

How does Botox reduce wrinkles?

Botox reduces frown lines and crow’s feet by targeting the underlying muscle contractions that cause these wrinkles. One of The Doc Spa’s doctors injects a very small amount of botulinum toxin into the treatment area to relax the wrinkle-causing muscles. The result is smooth, wrinkle-free skin for about 3-4 months.

Botox is only effective at reducing wrinkles that result from repeated muscle contractions. This treatment won’t help wrinkles or lines due to sun damage or gravity.

What should I expect from a Botox procedure?

Botox is a quick and simple procedure that you can easily fit into your lunch break. The total injection process usually takes about 10 minutes, and it doesn’t require anesthesia or downtime to recover.

Your doctor uses a fine needle to inject Botox into specific muscles. Most treatments require several injections at once, but the exact number depends on the area. Your doctor discusses specific goals with you during your free consultation.

Side effects are minor and generally disappear within a couple days, but you may experience temporary bruising or headaches.

In rare cases, you may experience eyelid drooping that goes away in a few weeks. To prevent eyelid drooping, avoid rubbing the treatment area for about 12 hours after the injections.

If you’re ready to get rid of frown lines and crow’s feet, call The Doc Spa to set up your free Botox consultation today.