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Agnes Precision RF is an exciting development in the world of skincare and facial sculpting. Unlike traditional methods, which often involve surgery, Agnes Precision RF uses micro-needling technology to sculpt and tighten the face and jawline. Treatments can also stop acne and breakouts.

Patients leave the clinic with clear skin and a healthy, rejuvenated appearance. This procedure causes minimal discomfort and requires no invasive surgeries. Some patients only need a single treatment to rejuvenate their skin, however, two to three sessions may be necessary to achieve optimal results.


  • Remove jowels and double chin and tightens loose skin

  • Non-surgically lift the nose tip or lips

• Remove excess fat virtually anywhere

Eliminate acne and blackheads

•Reduce nasolabial folds, reduce facial fat to create a less round look.

  • Remove fat from upper lids and below the eyes non-surgically. Melt fat pads below your eyes. Reduce crowfeet and under eye wrinkles.
  • Corrects droopy upper eye area for a more open eye appearance.
  • Remove bra fat, neck and jawline fat
  • Treats Hypderhidrosis, repairs earlobes. Diminishes smoker’s lines above the top lip.

Get complete information on this affordable, breakthrough technology from Dr. Julian Rowe at The Doc Spa in Edgewood, NM. Schedule your free consultation today and find out just what can be done.


How does Agnes Precision RF Micro-needling work?

During your Agnes RF laser treatment, a precision radio frequency microneedling tip is used to melt fat and/or tighten skin in the problem areas of your face.The needles penetrate the epidermis skin layer and create a channel. At the appropriate depth, the radiofrequency energy is then released at a precise temperatures to trigger a tissue response. There is limited damage or incision marks to the skin. This leads to effective skin contraction and elimination of fat cells if needed. AgnesRF is now a popular option as a facelift alternative.

Results for facial sculpting and tightening can be seen immediately after your treatment and continues to improve over the next 90 days.

What is the post-treatment care?

There will be some swelling post procedure. Ice packs can be applied off and on throughout the day.

How long is the recovery or downtime?

Healing time varies based on the area being treated. It can be anywhere from 2 or more days. You may also experience bruising which typically resolves in 4-10 days.

Are the AgnesRF laser results permanent?

Expectations for results entirely vary from person to person. For AgnesRF fat facial sculpting, the treated fat cells are completely destroyed to never return.

However, not every fat cell is removed from the targeted treatment area. If you gain weight, it is possible for some remaining healthy fat cells to swell in size.

How many sessions do I need?

Treatment plans depend on the individual, size of the target area and goals. Our experts create customized plans based on existing conditions to match future expectations.

Patients usually see drastic improvements in the first session.


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